Sunday, May 25, 2008

hyper color drawing puke

super doodles by cougar flashy:

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stories from hyper color castle


bring the blizzards, bitches, my heart is charged and i am riding on my battlecat/ i am poweranger on the inside. it's hard to hate anything when the universe is so big, you know? make things, movement, bringin the ruckus, causing change on any scale. i wonder if daniel boone sang to himself. i think everybody does, there is a universe infinitly unfolding itself in the centre of your chest and that shit is totally blinding, little strings of fluid gas blueblacknitetime fluxuate back and forth in every direction over lapping the deeper parts of a darker kind of cosmic infinity that is growing inside you right now. one day, you die and we watch eternity expand even farther away into a different eternity. capcom versus marvel. try to understand how endless this feels, why shouldn't i stay at home all day?



speed raced home, into the castle to draw forever. now later, after many hours of work and dizzyness i am listening to mf doom and my fake gold statue of the thing is keeping a protector eye on me. my mind is spooked by a negative mario tonight, when i try to sleep maybe he will melt and vaporize into the ugly corners of space so i can sleep for once. a billion waves of hyper colour sleep powers.

i was gone to many days, gotta make the costumes, the whole world turns at lightspeed when you leave the castle. i'm not so close to so many people anymore, i spend most of my time drawing now, i was watching girls dance last night and feeling far away in some kind of epileptic flashy space tunnel, impossible to get too.

zac left this old tape here: "faith no more- radio hits" it's a beautiful black number and when i close my eyes and want too, i can see it stretching over the sky in a slow ominus way, like the death star, cartoon hands sieze the weak and crush them in incredible displays of violence and awesomeness and i can finally test myself against impossible things. i am ready. hyper color castle samurai fears no pain.


master samurais

"thunder is my bitch"
"don't fuck with evil"
"double trouble mario land"
"10,000 waves of puke"
"popeye in black face"

double mario is the castle band and cougar flashy and girl mountain battle in power thrash circle jerk fashion in the belly of hyper colour endlessness, bitchezzz.